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ATTENTION TEA & COFFEE SHOPS: Our Brew Master Water Filter Packages are customized for each customer or business based on their water chemistry, shop size, water usage and overall needs. Our ability to provide customization at affordable prices has made us one of the leading water treatment companies for tea and craft coffee brewers. If you require a commercial or light commercial water filter system and would like to take advantage of our performance guarantee please contact our specialists at: - We believe in an educated buyer who will buy the tea or coffee shop water filter he or she needs, with ultimate long term satisfaction!

Most gourmet, craft, and artisan coffee & tea brewers find it necessary to filter the water before using it for brewing. As you know about 90% to 98% of tea and coffee is made up of water. Therefore, water can have a great influence on the overall taste and look of your brew. However, the best water for brewing varies greatly depending on your water source. Whether you use municipal treated water or private well water it rarely means your water is best for brewing tea or coffee.


For years the name RainDance Water Systems has been synonymous with quality and reliability. In our efforts to provide you with world-class products and services, we offer the following water treatment systems for craft tea and coffee brewers: Reverse Osmosis Systems, Carbon Filtration, Chlorine & Chloramine Removal, Hard Water Treatment, Nano-Filtration Systems Does your Tea or Coffee Business use well water? We offer Iron & Manganese Filters, Nitrate Filtration Systems, UV Disinfection for Bacteria Removal, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Filtration, and Water Filters to remove “salty water”.    


Reverse Osmosis Systems for Tea & Coffee

Remove sediment, rust, chlorine, chemicals, hard water, total dissolved solids and other impurities with the TSM Reverse Osmosis System with Blending Mixing Valve with TDS monitoring option. This new feature came about mainly from the very rapid proliferation of craft tea and artisan coffee breweries, especially in California. Those brewers that prefer to use purified water for their process also like to be able to dial in a set TDS ppm when they make water for a batch. The TSM-BLEND option gives you that ability in any of the 400, 800, 1200 or 1500 GPD versions of the TSM reverse osmosis compact system. This new premium option is perfect for independent premium coffee shops, tea brewers, or any beverage operation that needs to control and monitor the actual reverse osmosis filtered water quality.
Selection Guide:
400GPD Brew Master Package
800GPD Brew Master Package
1200GPD Brew Master Package
1500GPD Brew Master Package
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The Diamond Plate Series for Tea & Coffee Houses

You no longer have to hide your water treatment equipment from your customers! Proudly Display The Diamond Plate Brew Master Heavy Metal \,,/, Series is built tough yet has showroom stylish looks to be the perfect User Friendly water treatment accessory in your brew house, craft tea & coffee shop, bar, restaurant, or light commercial business application. When building the best beverage, craft brew, tea, or craft coffee don't settle for the off-tastes, chemical odor, chlorine, chloramines, or hard water generally found in city-treated water sources. Get fresh clean water and look cool doing it with our new showroom quality Diamond Plate Brew Master Heavy Metal Series! Contact us for additional information

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Carbon Filtration Systems for Tea & Coffee

The most common reason for installing our CARB Series is to improve the taste and odor of water. Activated carbon filters from RainDance Water Systems can filter chlorine, chemicals, and chemical odors to improve water quality for your craft tea and coffee. Chloramine is now used as a disinfectant by many municipal water providers and it is harder to remove by using standard carbon filtration. Most CARB Series can now be customized to filter chloramines upon request. Chloramine is a much more concentrated process compared to the filtration for chlorine. Chloramine needs specific contact time and slower flow rates through a specialized filter media specifically created to take care of Chloramine. Chloramine reduction requires a larger filter tank and specialized media. LEARN MORE HERE

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UV Systems for Tea & Coffee

Commercial ultraviolet disinfection systems are specifically designed to treat microbiologically contaminated ground or surface waters. These disinfection systems offer a 4-log reduction (99.99%) in bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts (specifically giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium). This UV process is quick, simple, inexpensive and environmentally friendly as it does not add anything to your water and creates no disinfection by-products. the most ecological way of treating your water. LEARN MORE HERE






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